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B&I Consulting lending experts have shown consistent results for business owners by quickly turning their financing requests into funded loans. We save you valuable time and opportunity cost by putting your loan on a success track from the very start, enabling it to progress rapidly. Our uncommon USDA and SBA loan policy expertise enables you to quickly move through the complicated details of loan programs. We focus in on how to make your loan happen and get moving to produce results right away.


Because we are experienced bankers we have developed direct working relationships with many lenders that seek quality USDA B&I, SBA and Conventional loans. This enables us to make finding the best lender for you much faster and more productive. This benefits the borrower by saving months of time and effort to find the best lender for their particular loan needs. It also saves the borrower from working with what can become a chain of loan broker referral sources during their search time which adds significant delay and cost to you. The lenders we work with accelerate their productivity getting loans they seek without having to prospect and pre-underwrite hundreds of requests to find the specific loan quality and type that meets their needs.  


As we begin working together, we will thoroughly analyze your financing request and particular situation to determine its viability and present financing options. We then utilize our background to customize your presentation and your loan structure so it will be well-received in today's rapidly evolving financial marketplace. Beyond this skill we provide the unique expertise to present your loan in such a way that it meets the separate needs of both the lender and the USDA for USDA B&I loans. 

Lender and USDA loan policies are different and do not always match up at the start or sometimes at the end of a loan process. We manage your loan structure as the loan evolves to keep it on track and ensure a solid finish. We may also assist you to with multiple loan requests (combine SBA 7a or 504, Conventional and or Farm Service Agency loans) to meet your financing needs. 


Many needs and issues arise and must be managed and properly addressed during the course of a normal loan. We assist through all stages from pre-underwriting, loan submission, loan approval process, getting your loan commitment to read correctly and processing the loan through documentation, title and closing issues to funding.  With a USDA B&I and SBA loan, this occurs for both the lender, USDA and CDC/SBA. We interact with the USDA (and or SBA/CDC) to get your loan qualified, and follow through to get your loan guarantee approved. Post-funding, we work with the USDA to make sure the lender obtains the guarantee, or debenture, to complete your loan. 


USDA loan processing is different and unique which can make it a recipe for starts and stops and uncertain outcomes if not handled properly. To get consistent results for our clients we transformed a complicated process into a ready source of rural business financing by managing and coordinating two separate loan processes and loan policies more effectively. To do this, we developed and use our own B&ICG Loan Packaging and Processing System that brings into focus and helps us manage what can be up to 35 steps your loan takes on the way to funding.  Our system enables us to uncover and address hidden issues that can stall or derail your loan right up front, coordinating all three parties: lender, borrower and USDA in every step. This is a key to our success and has enabled us to show extraordinary results for clients.


Our lending expertise, USDA program mastery and B&I loan packaging and processing system rapidly made us the leading source for USDA B&I financing. As a result we have a consistent track record of achieving success for our clients in a complicated loan product with a 90% submission to funding ratio. B&I Consulting Group is uniquely positioned to offer exceptional services to meet your particular and evolving needs.  


If you are seeking commercial property and related business financing from $1,000,000 to $10,000,000 we would like to speak with you. We look forward to having the opportunity to assist you.




“We were faced with a 30 day start to finish time frame with 1031 tax benefits on the line: Steve and his group worked tirelessly to meet our deadline. His commitment and focus on our success was phenomenal.”

JD Desai, Business Owner

“Before we met Steve Alkana and his group we found the process of getting a USDA B&I loan extremely frustrating, even after being approved by the bank. This all changed as Steve became involved and took charge of the details getting everyone on the same page and bringing our loan to funding. We will never forget the level of effort and focus Steve and his group put in to reach a successful conclusion for us. We wish we’d found Steve and his group first.”

Dave Johnson, Business Owner
“We have had good bankers, but none approached the level of expertise and dedication to customize loans to meet our needs and work harder to make it happen. Our combination of USDA and SBA loans were complicated on several levels and without Steve’s level of experience and craftsmanship they never would have happened. We will never forget the effort and results put in on our behalf, thanks Steve!”

Jack Botkin, Business Owner

In 2008 we initiated and finalized four USDA B&I loans through Steve and his group for hospitality acquisitions. We had never utilized the USDA B&I program before. With Steve’s unique knowledge and sound professional guidance the process was quick and efficient in spite of some complexity in our ownership and operating structure. All loans closed in less than 90 days from initiation. Given the option, we will never attempt to obtain USDA B&I financing without Steve on our team.

Eugene Tish
VP/COO/General Counsel WSCO Petroleum Corp

President/CEO Heritage Hotels Inc.


“Steve gets consistent results by having a deep understanding of the program, being an expert at fitting the business structure and needs into the lending and loan guarantee requirements, digging into the details of each loan, communicating them, and following through until the loan is closed.”

Dan Streng, USDA B&I Officer
“Last year Steve and his group received our outstanding lender award for the most loans funded. He finds a way to make it work.”

John Safstrom, Senior Loan Officer
Cascades West Financial Services CDC
(Oregon’s largest SBA 504 Certified Development Company)  

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